Working in the organic garden

This week we spent a lot of time in our organic garden. We prepared several plant beds where we planted tomatoes, beans, cucumber, carrots, cantaloupe and other vegetables, that we plan to use in our experimental kitchen.

Blog article april 2014 1
The plant beds in the startup period.

Blog article april 2014 2
From seeds to plants…

After this, we decided to build another plant bed next to our spiral herb garden. We will use it to plant corn, and to help it grow very fast, we produced a self made fertilizer out of chicken and horse manure, ash and sand from the river.

Blog article april 2014 3
The current interns Jessie and Rieke during their work.

Blog article april 2014 4
Fernando Lopez totally motivated to use the pick.

It took us about 3 days to finish the two beds. To be honest, the work was exhausting but after everything was done, we took a refreshing swim in the Mamoni river.

Blog article april 2014 5
Coqueta the cute farm-dog is always guarding us.

While we were relaxing on the marvelous stony beach, Jessie saw for the first time Howler monkeys playing on the trees from the reserve next to the river, what an experience!

Blog article april 2014 6
A howler monkey only a few meters away.

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