Who´s Trying to Eat Chicha… or the Tomatoes?

It was February 3rd when it happened, 2 A.M. That day we had a nice visit from our director´s parents. They gave us pointers on our garden and helped us around the farm. We all went to bed exhausted, Jörn dreaming about the fish he caught in the Mamoni River… all 3 of them.


A noise from downstairs startled him from his dream. Something big was down there and it was hungry. Our young puppy, Chicha, started barking like crazy, waking the rest of the camp. Chicha´s barks grew more distressed, making us believe she had been attacked. Once Jörn shined his light down the stairs, we saw the animal already gotten away, but Chicha was not it´s victim. Our bag of tomatoes had been pulled off the shelf, ripped open and half eaten. We still don´t know what animal attacked our tomatoes, but feel free to help us solve the mystery!

The chaotic night happened after we returned from a relaxing weekend in the beautiful, Caribbean islands of San Blas. While snorkeling we saw something more frightening than our tomato-loving visitor – two large sharks in the coral reef! Not to mislead you, not all of our encounters with wildlife have seemed dangerous. Our neighbor’s grandson, Eric, found a baby “titi” monkey that was very sick, and we tried to nurse it back to health.


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