Two Bavarians in the jungle

It was a rainy afternoon; the Land Cruiser was sliding down the hilly roads leading to the Mamoni River valley. We, that means me and two Bavarian friends of mine: Killian and Benedikt arrived at the farm and first of all explored the area around.

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On the left hand side: mangos ready to harvest.

Next morning, we prepared breakfast, only using tropical fruits. After we ate, we decided to start our quest to “El Roble Reserve”, Ecofarms Panama’s private biodiversity reserve and home of many species of animals. We have even spotted wild cats in the area, so we were aware of the dangers.

Blog article may 2014 2
Entering the jungle.

Once in, we saw a track from some animal pack. We followed the track and felt a very distinctive smell in the air.

Blog article may 2014 3
“Smells like wild pigs” – Killian

We believe there are “Sainos” eating the fruits of some trees in the jungle.  We were amazed, considering our cabins are about 300 meters away from where we found the track.
While we continued our journey, I was explaining the different types of rainforests and palm trees. When we found our way into the Mamoni River, the water was brown, showing us that it was raining in the watershed.Blog article may 2014 4
From left to right: Killian, Benedikt, Fernando.

Shortly after this, something happened, that we believe was the closest encounter with a dangerous snake. On a stone, about 3 meters away from our legs, there was an equis snake. Immediately we put a save distance to the snake and even managed to take some pictures, and did a circle around the snake so we can go through.

Blog article may 2014 5
Equis snake

Thereafter we made it back to the cabins secure, had a rest and started our journey back to Panama City.
It was a weekend full of adventure, relaxing and beers, as any Bavarian experience will be.
Look forward to host more Bavarians in Panama…

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