Jungle Party, research and worldcup – an exciting month at the farm

At the moment there is a lot going on at the farm.
Two weeks ago we started the new season with a big party in the jungle, dancing salsa, drinking rum and sleeping in hammocks.

Jungle party
Relaxing in the hammocks.

With the new season, also new interns arrived and among them the two Bavarian girls Eva and Melanie, who are going to conduct a research program for their bachelor thesis at Ecofarms in the rainforest.

Bavarians in front of Ecofarms logo
From left to right: Melanie, Fernando, Eva.

The two want to find out in the next weeks how our reforestation program effects the plants covering the ground and how the vegetation recovers. With the help of Fernando, they hike through the reserve, measure and count to come to a hopefully positive result (we will keep you up to date – stay tuned!).

Eva looking out.

Last weekend we went to the city to root for the German national team in the finale, all German fans together and we were celebrating this surprising, but really deserved win – VIVA LA ALEMANIA!

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