Mamoni River Reforestation Project

Mamoni River

ECOFARMS Panama as part of their tropical restoration goals launched on September 2016 the Mamoni River Reforestation Project.  Our plan is to restore 25 hectares of areas formerly used for intensive cattle farming with the application of agroforestry systems. The project started as part of the Panamanian government Alianza por el millón, project executed by the Ministry of Environment of Panama (MiAmbiente). The goal of the governmental project is to restore 1 mio. hectares of land in the next 10 years.

This project is proudly supported  by  ENSA part of the EPM group, one of Panama’s leading companies in the power generation and distribution industry. The company on the year 2017 signed a five year agreement with ECOFARMS Panama to restore 3.5 hectares of former cattle farm land.

If you are interested in joining this initiative please take a look at the following options:

Carbon Neutral Traveling

You can now offset the carbon generated by your travels and help ECOFARMS Panama reforesting land in the Mamoni river region. We will plant the trees and take care of them until they grow into a forest.  For more information, send us an email to:  Make sure to include your Inbound and Outbound cities for the calculation.

Carbon Neutral Operation

Your company can now offset the carbon generated by their activities and support the protection of tropical rainforests in Panama.  Send us the amount of carbon you need to offset and we will be happy to design a reforestation plan for your company.  For more information, send us your information to:

Tree Planting

You can join our tree planting action and support the development of this project. We are currently looking for volunteers who are passionate about the environment, to come and help us plan trees in the Mamoni river valley.

If you are interested, send us an email to:

Our sponsors are welcome to come and see the areas they reforested in our field station located in the Mamoni river.  We are just 2 hours away from Panama City!