Project’s Vision & Mission


We are striving to create a healthy and productive ecosystem in the Mamoni River region that promotes responsible environmental practices while incorporating Panamanian traditions and the needs of the local community.


We empower people to develop and apply sustainable land use systems to ensure the conservation and restoration of tropical rainforest in the Mamoni River region.

ECOFARMS Panama uses innovative systems that allow for the production of crops and forest products, while protecting biodiversity and the overall health of the natural ecosystem. For example, the cattle here on the farm are managed using a rotational grazing system, wherein the herd is moved frequently to limit their impact on vegetation and soils. Our vegetable garden is located on land formerly used for intensive agriculture. Now, we are working towards and agroforestry system, that is capable of yielding crops for human consumption while enriching the soil and protection against erosion.
Interns and volunteers from different countries, universities and backgrounds share their ideas and experience with the community and local farmers; making ECOFARMS Panama a truly unique educational platform.
Also, we are working with foresters and biologists, to create a database of plants and animals, to better assess the impact of our work in the region.