El Roble Reserve

In indigenous dialect, Panama means an abundance of butterflies, flowers and fish.
This abundance is both reflected in the number of individuals as well as the vast number of different species, both plants and animals, that make their home in the forests of Panama. The biodiversity found in just a small area of tropical rainforest easily surpasses that of Canada and the USA combined.

El Roble Reserve is one of the last stripes of primary and secondary rainforest found in the area, where many different species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds live. The reserve in total is about 300 hectars big and ECOFARMS owns a sixth of this to preserve and restate it. As a result of Panama’s location between Central and South America, biodiversity here is among the highest in the world.

Today we are working to create a local plant and animal database as a way to track the impact of our work. Our approach to conservation in El Roble Reserve is to work with local farmers to maintain productive land capable of supporting a family while putting new practices into place that will reduce the impacts of agriculture and protect the forest ecosystem of the reserve.

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